Know Your Personal Computer

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Computers have spread like wildfire in the last three decades whether it is communication or entertainment, education or cooking for that matter. Many accessories connect to computers nowadays in many ways, it would be unfair to not be aware of the computer hardware. Let us discuss the basics of computer hardware to keep ourselves updated and participate in the IT age.

From a nonprofessional perspective, a computer system has two main components that operate on a broader level and that is a) Central Processing Unit (CPU) and b) Monitor or Visual Display Unit (VDU). Besides these two, an input device is necessary to be able to use the computer such as a keyboard, mouse, joystick etc. A Keyboard is the most used among all the input devices that are on the market today.

A monitor acts in a way that displays the output to the user and on a higher classification level, these are mainly two types: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and Flat Screen monitor. Flat monitors are a recent advancement in technology and are lot better in performance with reduced power requirements.

The brain of the computer system, CPU is the most important component of the computer hardware and has many components in it such as hard disk drive (HDD), motherboard, random access memory (RAM), processor, sound card, graphic card, USB port, and compact disc/DVD disc drive.

The HDD is the main storage place on a computer where all information, data is stored like your documents, music files etc.

The motherboard, as the name suggests, is the main component where several other components are located such as the RAM, Sound Card, USB Ports, and the entire circuitry.

RAM is the processing area of the computer system and houses memory allocation for execution of all programs. Processors are a lot like a human brain that does all your calculations, execute program instructions in order to achieve a desired outcome.

There are various cards hosted for respective services as a sound card which is responsible for sound facilities and graphics card is for visual experiences. USB Ports are meant for connecting external hardware objects like external drive, camera, printer etc. CD/DVD Drive lets you use a CD/DVD with your computer that may be for data transfer, application installation etc.