Best Component Graphic Card of A Computer

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Graphics are another essential component of a working computer. Modern day motherboards are equipped with on-board video which can provide enough video capabilities for the average office use but something a bit higher end such as video games or video editing requires an additional card. There are two types of graphic cards: Radeon and Geforce. The Radeon uses an ATI chipset where as the Geforce uses the Nvidia chipset.

The decision between the two is mostly personal preference as it is compatibility with the motherboard and if the processor is fast enough for the card also the RAM needs to meet minimal requirements. One advantage graphic cards have is the ability to use more than one at once as long as the motherboard supports the SLI link, SLI is “Scalable Link Interface” which allows two or more graphics processing units to be used, sometimes a gamer mid tower rig will have three of the same type linked together. Another advantage to the graphic card is the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which shares the burden on the CPU to help the computer run more smoothly. Portnoy (2009) explains, “The graphics-processing unit (GPU) that normally handles only visual effects is taking over duties from the CPU, the computer’s main chip.”